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8" Subwoofer Upgrade 1.1Ohm
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This subwoofer makes an excellent upgrade for those seeking a deeper and stronger bass from the Lightharmonic UHF upgrade set. It fits the original cutout in the subwoofer enclosure perfectly. In fact

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This is your cost efficient 8" woofer designed with excellent reliability and performance. This woofer is a rated at 600W RMS and a perfect match for the 600W sub-out of LH's Class-D amplifier. It features a cast frame, a 2.5" copper coil, direct leads to keep from tinsel slap and easy mounting and back plate venting to cool it in the tightest situations. 

The high efficiency starts with a strong 2.5" voice coil with high temperature adhesives and coil wire ensure long term reliable performance that is unheard of at these price points. The double magnet motor is over-sized to provide high output levels with precision and control. The plates are coated with corrosion resistant epoxy paint which also increases the outflow of heat from the voice coil. 

• 2 Ohm Dual Voice Coil
• 2.5" Copper Coil 
• Double Stack Magnet 
• Cast Basket 
• Direct Leads
• Vented Back Plate and Pole Piece
Woofer Size 8"
F(s) 44.41hz
R(e) 1.15 Ohms
Z(max) 11.28 Ohms
Q(ms) 5.785
Q(es) 0.0660
Q(ts) 0.592
V(as) 4.393 liters (0.155^ft)
L(e) 1.12 mH
n(0) 0.06%
M(ms) 174.10 grams
C(ms) 0.07mm/N
Sensitivity 1W/1m 79.55 1W/1m
BL 9.22
Xmax 13.25mm
Magnet Weight 100oz
Coil Diameter 2.5"
Coil Length 36mm
Usable Throw 26.5mm
RMS Power 600W
Peak Power 1200W
Displacement .06^ft
Mounting Depth 5.5"
Circle Cutout 7.375"
Outer Diameter W/Gasket 8.53"

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