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Lightharmonic S4D.Sub 8" subwoofer and 600W Amp only
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Easy installation subwoofer kit for Tesla Model S with Standard Audio. This set comes complete with an 8"subwoofer in an enclosure and Lightharmonic's specially engineered Class-D 600W amplifier and c

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 As we do here, we want this to be the easiest installation possible and designed the entire package to sit easily, and no cutting required for setup.

Featuring a specially engineered, intuitive 600W Class D amplifier that will deliver 600W of continuous power to your subwoofer. We also added a crossover to supply your sub those low frequencies while maintaining a firm and fuller bass foundation. It works perfectly with our S4D door speakers for the Tesla Model S owner who doesn't have premium audio package. 

    600W Class D Amplifier
    Inline Crossover Circuit
    8'' 1ohm impedance Subwoofer 

    Power core and two pairs of signal wires.
    Custom built enclosure

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