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Installatie aan huis van de Lightharmonic 4D set
Installatie aan huis van de Lightharmonic 4D set
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The Lightharmonic is easy to install. We recommend installation by our own qualified technicians or selected partners. This service will gradually expand through Europe.

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Installation of your Lightharmonic isn't very complicated. But some routine in working with car interiors is required. We can take care of the installation with our own technicians or partners who know exactly what to do. It requires you to drop off the car in the morning and pick it up the same working day. All you have to do turn up the volume!

For the 4D set we highly recommend damping the doors using specially engineered damping material. The LH speakers will benefit from reduced distortion and increased output. And your Tesla will be even more silent! In our all-in installation pack we have included he mounting of the damping material 

note:  We currently offer this service in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany and Scandinavia. If we have no service available in your region you can either select our VIP service and we will take care of it on-site or you can have your preferred installer do the work. 

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