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Installation of Lightharmonic set VIP
Installation of Lightharmonic set VIP
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The Lightharmonic is easy to install. We recommend installation by an experienced installer. We have our own technicians and selected partners. This service will gradually expand through Europe.

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*currently only available in The Netherlands

Installation of your Lightharmonic is easy - but it's not for everyone. If time is money for you, we take our installation service a step further. First of all, we take care of the installation with our own technicians or one of our installation partners who have the experience and know exactly what to do.

But what makes this a true VIP service, we make a personal appointment to have the service done to fit your schedule. This includes installation in your own (office) garage or our facilities and/or have a Tesla loaner available for you. Or meet you at the airport and do the installation and valet. Overnight or weekend. We will work out something that works for you.

All you have to do turn up the volume!

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