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Spotify, DAB, FM, MP3 vs FLAC

  Ernst     21-05-2016     Comments (0)

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Installation: to do or not to do?

  Ernst     18-05-2016     Comments (0)

Installation: to do or not to do All of the Lightharmonic components fit exact the same spaces as the Tesla OEM parts and use the same connectors. True plug and play, so installation could not be easier: or not?   The guys from Lightharmonic have posted the entire process on Youtube and if you watch these you have a pretty good idea how much work it is and whether it is something you can do on a spare weekend day.   So as a distributor I believed I had to try this myself an I would like to share my personal experience with you. But to give you an idea, back in the 90s I used to install my own amps, equalizers, cross-overs, speakers, cabling through the not so new and expensive cars so I knew what to expect today -more or less. Which was definitely less, because everything fits and ready to...

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