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Hidden Sound System

  04-06-2016     Reacties (0)

De Light Harmonic is wat je een hidden sound system zou kunnen noemen. Compleet verstopt in de Model S op de originele fabriekslokaties is het onzichtbaar maar des te beter hoorbaar. Maar wat is nou eigenlijk precies een Hidden Sound System? En waar komt het begrip vandaan?  In bijgaande documentaire wordt het aan de hand van de praktijk bij een bekend reclameburo nog eens uit de doeken gedaan:  ">http://  

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The Model X, how does it sound?

  Ernst     01-06-2016     Reacties (0)

Last week, we had the first opportunity at the finish of the Dutch E-Rally 2016 to have a look at the Model X. Wow!  We didn't have a change to listen to the sound system and just took a few pics with our Promotion Team. Because the best car deserves the best hifi...

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Speakers breaking in, burn in or as we say in Dutch: inspelen

  26-05-2016     Reacties (0)

When I was talking to the designers of Lightharmonic, they told me the system would sound even better after breaking in. I noticed improvement after a week or so. Some say that your ears also need to adjust themself to the new situation. Both arguments make sense.  As for your ears, you are used to a less dynamic and powerful sound experience inside your Tesla. You will probably will experiment around a lot wth your favourite tracks, different volume settings before you just turn on music and enjoy.  For the burn in of the system, the spider part of the drivers needs to "relax"  and become more supple, which will take a couple of hours -about a week of drive and play. So, my thought on this, after a week or so you and the Lightharmonic will be paired much better and you have the sound you are going...

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28th May 2016: Rainbow Road launches Lightharmonic Audio for Tesla in Europe

  Ernst     22-05-2016     Reacties (0)

28th May 2016: Rainbow Road launches Lightharmonic Audio for Tesla in Europe At the 3th edition of the E-Rally on May 28th, Rainbow Road officially introduces the Lightharmonic Audio upgrade sets for the Tesla Model S.  The special reason for that is, over 120 Tesla's will join this 200km ride through Holland which will finish at the European Headquarters of Tesla Motors in Amsterdam. So there is some opportunity to "show off" but more important, we are to support justdiggit.org by making one set available for the charity auction. From late june we will start shipping our units through Europe. We will accept orders from 1 June 2016. Later this summer we will have more local presence and demo cars, installers available through Europe. If you have any questions, just call or mail us. That's what we're here for 

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How to store your FLAC files

  21-05-2016     Reacties (0)

With the Lightharmonic set it's the right time to say goodbye to MP3 tracks and replace them all with lossless tracks like FLAC files. You can easily find 64GB USB sticks like these Kingstons:  that fit perfect in your Tesla, because they are very small and 2 of them make 128GB  

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