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When I was talking to the designers of Lightharmonic, they told me the system would sound even better after breaking in. I noticed improvement after a week or so. Some say that your ears also need to adjust themself to the new situation. Both arguments make sense. 

As for your ears, you are used to a less dynamic and powerful sound experience inside your Tesla. You will probably will experiment around a lot wth your favourite tracks, different volume settings before you just turn on music and enjoy. 

For the burn in of the system, the spider part of the drivers needs to "relax"  and become more supple, which will take a couple of hours -about a week of drive and play.

So, my thought on this, after a week or so you and the Lightharmonic will be paired much better and you have the sound you are going to love the next few years.

    26-05-2016 17:11     Comments ( 0 )
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