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Lightharmonic Audio for Tesla

At Rainbow Road our mission is to sell high quality products that make driving a Tesla an even greater pleasure. We are constantly searching the market to find products which are high quality and high tech, yet easy to use and install. We ship these products all over Europe directly and through our network of partners.

Our first product is the Light Harmonic Audio upgrade. A great listening experience, what Tesla's Ultra HiFi upgrade should -or could- have been in the first place. Now available is the 4D set to upgrade Tesla Standard Audio. Read all about it here. And an excellent detailed review, comparing with UHF and standard can be found here Listening to the upgraded speakers (powered by a 1200W super efficient Class-D amplifier in 12S config) and designed by audiophiles is an absolute joy every single kilometer.

Although a reasonably skilled DIY-type person could install the system, we recommend installation by a professional as some special tools and knowledge of car interiors are required. We offer fixed rate installation services at convenient locations.

note: A set for Tesla Model X is under development. Add yourself to our mailing list and we will keep you posted.

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